Healthcare and the COVID-19 Vaccine

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COVID-19 Vaccine

Here at BEAT PT, we value everyone’s health and safety. In order to continue providing care to our patients, we are proud to announce that our staff is COVID-19 vaccinated. Here are some facts and other information about the importance of having you and your healthcare providers receive the COVID-19 vaccine.

  • Why are healthcare workers being prioritized for COVID-19 vaccination?
    • Healthcare workers are at an increased risk of contracting COVID-19
      • Healthcare workers come into direct contact with multiple people throughout their day, including patients and other healthcare professionals in the facility.
    • It helps maintain stability in the healthcare system
      • Vaccinating healthcare workers prevents them from missing work due to getting ill and needing to quarantine. Prioritizing vaccinations to these workers enables them to continue providing essential services.
  • Why should you get the vaccine, when it becomes available to you?
    • Vaccines are the best defense against COVID-19
      • Vaccines use your own immune system to protect you against contracting a virus. Masks and social distancing are important to slowing the spread of COVID-19 until a vaccine can become widely available, however, vaccines are crucial to ending the pandemic.
    • Getting the vaccine will help to not overwhelm the healthcare system.
      • The more people who get the vaccine, the less people who end up in the hospital or inpatient rehab facilities. These facilities only have the ability to care for so many people, and the less overwhelmed they are, the better patient care the healthcare workers can provide.
    • It will decrease the risk of your healthcare provider passing COVID-19 to other patients.
      • It is unclear whether getting vaccinated will prevent that individual from passing COVID-19 to non-vaccinated individuals. Therefore, vaccinating healthcare providers is not enough. Many patients in the healthcare system are in the high-risk category and are susceptible to becoming ill from COVID-19. Vaccinating yourself will help to prevent you from spreading the virus to your healthcare provider, as well as other individuals, and to protect those higher-risk individuals from becoming infected.
  • Are there any risks to getting the vaccine?
    • Just like any vaccine, there are risks with the COVID-19 vaccine. However, these risks are typically minor. Common side effects include:
      • Pain and swelling in the area of injection.
      • Fever, chills, fatigue, headache

Visit the CDC website for more questions about the COVID-19 vaccine.

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