Tele Health Physical Therapy Online Sessions

Tele Health Physical Therapy Sessions

We would like to provide a quick update regarding this coming week (March 23-28th 2020) Tele Health Schedule. If you haven’t scheduled yet, please do so by calling our main line 410-884-0003 as our clinic is still close until March 29, 2020 or until further notice. We are continually getting news updates from the state and the federal government. Rest assured that we are doing our part to stay informed and stop the spread.

In light of this, please expect a call from our practice manager, Dr. Day Alfonso, within this coming week. You can inform her of your physical therapy questions and concerns. She will be able to relay any messages to your PTs as well in case you have more detailed and specific questions about your condition.

We are also gathering more info about insurance coverages for telemedicine / telehealth. We understand that paying any out-of-pocket fees will be difficult for most of you at this point. BEAT PT is willing to work with you in reducing or possibly eliminating any patient responsibility costs. Dr. Day will be informing you the details about telemedicine more during the phone call.

We hope that all of you are staying healthy and safe during this time!

Best Regards,

John Abad/Co-Owner

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