Women's health pelvic floor dysfunction rehab at BEAT Physical Therapy 21044

Pelvic Floor Dysfunction Treatments Include

  • Pelvic floor weakness that is related to urinary and bowel incontinence.
  • Pain in pelvic area
  • Post surgical complications usually after C-Section, bladder suspension, oncology reconstruction, or hysterectomy procedures
  • Pre-and-Postnatal dysfunctions
  • Postural pain 
  • Lumbo-sacral dysfunction

Proven Clinical Approach in Treating Pelvic Floor Dysfunctions

Schedule an appointment with our experienced Licensed Maryland Physical Therapists with Women’s Health Certification to help stop or regain bladder weakness. Our treatment goal will include strengthening pelvic floor and address weak pelvic floor muscles, prostate issues, testicle pain, hernias, that which will benefit women, men, transgender, and children with these dysfunctions. 

Call (410) 884-0003 to book an appointment or click here to send an online request for our pelvic floor dysfunctions treatment center in Columbia MD.

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