Dry Needling as Pain Relief

Does Trigger Point Dry Needling (TDN) Technique help in healing or treating injuries?

Dry needling is proven to be very helpful in relieving body pains. When effective treatments like correctional exercises, manipulation, and physical therapy modalities like ice, hot packs, laser, and functional workouts are used together with trigger point dry needling treatment technique– the result is extraordinarily helpful. The dry needling procedure allows the physical therapist to be a better practitioner in bringing the patients back to a pain-free and functional life.

It is also useful when aches are a result associated with secondary muscular pain such as when someone with knee osteoarthritis experiences muscular pain in the hip as the lower limb muscles compensate the movement related with the pain. In this instances, trigger point dry needling can relieve the pain in the hip, but it does not reverse the osteoarthritis issues or necessarily address the primary source of the knee pain. 

Conditions Treated by Dry Needling: